Event, Digital, Brand & Social Marketing Packages

Growth Event for Revenue Leaders & Sales Teams

15 Partners

High Delegate Vs Partner Ratio

High ROI

Added Value: Digital & Event

650+ Delegates

Av. 85% Attendance Rate

10K+ Engaged

Av. 42% Open Rate

Sales L&D Track

For Heads of Training, L&D and Enablement

Performance Track

For Business Owners, Sales Leaders & Teams

RevTec Track

Sales & Revenue Ops, Enablement, BDRs & SDRs

Mental Health Series

Fireside Leadership

Enablement Meet-Up


✅ Meet your customers & prospects in one single day
✅ Decision makers, sales leaders & top performers attend
✅ Pre-qualified: Established businesses with sales teams & budget, no time wasters
✅ Quality Conversations: High ratio of Delegates (600+) Vs Partners (20)

Lead Generation: Prospecting Made Easy

✅ Event App, incl. Online Booth, Company Listing, Video & Badge Scanner
✅ Pre-registered list: Connect with attendees pre & post-event!
✅ Organise Meetings, Match-Making, Polls, Surveys & Prize Give-Aways
✅ Guaranteed attendance, never dropped below 85% since 2014

Brand, Digital & Social Campaign Included

✅ 8,100 engaged readers of weekly eNewsletter (av. 42% open rate)
✅ 10,000+ social audience, via LinkedinTwitter Facebook
✅ Ad Banners: 728×90, 300×250 & 160×600 on TheGrowthHub
✅ Solus emails: Educational Give-Aways, White Papers & e-Books

Account Management: Retain More Business…

✅ CPD certificate of learning for your customers, prospects (& your sales team)
✅ Invite your customers & prospects, tax efficient way to network & entertain
✅ Professional speakers with independent content, i.e. competitors not on stage
✅ Invest in your customers: Your success depends on your customers’ success
Account Management Retain More Business

High ROI & Extra Value: No hidden costs…

✅ Space, furniture, power & badge scanner included
✅ CPD Certificate of Learning for your sales team, split event cost with HR Dept
✅ Breakfast, Lunch, Refreshments, WiFi & Car Parking included
✅ £200k+ worth of professional speaking talent on show (pitch-free environment)
✅ Triple Value: Your sales team can network, prospect & learn in one single day!

Further Information...

Let’s work together to shape something insightful, engaging and visually amazing; free from awkward pitches and tech hiccups. Host a morning, afternoon or evening co-branded Meet-up…

  • Topic (TBA): Industry, role or skill based focused. For example, event specifically for SDRs, Enablement or Operations, Graduate Recruitment, Apprenticeships or perhaps for Revenue Leaders from the Financial or Manufacturing Sectors
  • Format (TBA): Discussion panel, case study, fireside chat, round table, white paper, networking or mini-conference with our professional speakers
  • Audience: BOTH the partner & NSC/TheGrowthHub will promote the meet-up & send invitations to our respective networks
  • Registration data shared between partner & NSC/TheGrowthHub
  • Additional costs for the partner will include venue, AV, badging, catering, speaker fees etc for the meet-up, i.e. direct event costs.

A) Leadership Interviews
Put forward a C-Level (CEO, CRO, CSO, CMO, CFO etc) representative or customer to join a discussion panel or fireside chat for The Growth Hub. An opportunity to share experiences, learning & challenges as well as raising the profile of one of your key partners.


B) Sales Toolkit Contributor
3-5 minute soundbites for The Growth Hub – 100% practical, educational & content-led, no direct product demos or pitches.

C) Masterclass
Record an educational webinar (20mins) for our Masterclass Series, hosted on The Growth Hub and featured in our weekly eNewsletter…

  • Skills Based, i.e. Storytelling, Art of Negotiation, Prospecting, Pricing Strategies, Objection Handling, Time Management, Retaining & Hiring Talent etc
  • Role Based, i.e. Leadership, Management, Sales Manager, Account Management, SDRs & BDRs

D) Tech Roast for SaaS & Tech Providers…
It is becoming increasingly harder for AE & SDRs to get prospects signed-up to a demo, but why? Because prospects know this hooks them into the sales process. They want to do their research first!

The Tech Roast is an opportunity for a technology supplier to showcase their product to a wider audience in a challenging yet safe environment.

The interviewer (that’s us) plays the role of a prospective client who is interested in a tech solution to solve a business need, challenging the tech provider to explore the high value features, the limitations and the potential ROI of using their technology.

Guest Passes…

Partners receive an allocation of guest passes (worth £595 each) to share with their prospects & customers

  • £VIP access, incl. breakfast, lunch, wifi & car parking.
  • Contact details of these invited guests will be shared with the respective partner.
  • Please qualify your guests. Partners will be charged £50 per NO SHOW, donated to a local food bank as a contribution to the food/drink waste.
  • Guest tickets are for PROSPECTS & CUSTOMERS ONLY. Additional passes for staff members can be purchased at a reduced price of £195+VAT.


Match Making Introductions…

Approximately 1-2 weeks before NSC doors open the Event App will go live, including a list of pre-registered attendees. On reviewing the attendee list, Gold, Platinum & Diamond partners can request up to 10 personal email introductions to be made before or after NSC, as organisers we will make this initial connection. We recommend you offer a small gift to encourage them to visit your booth, for example an Amazon gift card.

  • Host Table (x10 seats), with Reserved VIP Seating
  • Re-Energise & Recognise Your Sales Team(s), Suppliers & Customers
  • Opportunity to thank your most valued client(s), by investing in their professional development
  • Bring your Remote Working Teams Together for a Motivational day of Accredited Professional Development
  • Brilliant network opportunity to bring your team(s), clients & prospects together

A) Weekly Newsletter

Reach 10,200+ Engaged Community, with 42% average open rate – VIEW LATEST eNEWSLETTER

B) Social Engagement

10,000+ social media audience. Follow & tag us, we will then share on Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook

C) Web Banners

728 x 90 Leaderboard

300 x 250 Box

160 x 600 Skyscraper


  • 2x staff passes, incl. access to conference programme, car parking, WiFi, breakfast, lunch & refreshments
  • Approx. 6sqm space, table-top, power, badge scanner & WiFi


  • Event App company logo & listing, incl. attendee list
  • Live 1-2 weeks pre-show and remains live post event
  • Online Booth accessible via Event App and PC/laptop – screenshot below…

Wednesday 22 November, 19.00hrs…

Join 100 revenue leaders & sales professionals for an informal social the evening before the National Sales Conference opens its doors.