In Partnership with the Revenue Enablement Society

27 June – London
14 November – Birmingham

Imogen McCourt
Head of B2B Sales Transformation & Enablement – The Economist

Ben Purton
Senior Director, International Enablement – RingCentral

Rebecca Bell
Director & Team Lead, GTM Enablement – Zendesk

Paul Butterfield
Revenue Enablement Society


Solving Revenue Enablement Challenges in 2023 and beyond

Sales & Revenue Enablement departments must help their Leadership teams understand that in the new hybrid selling (and more importantly, buying) environment More is not More. Reps already struggle to wade through data, dashboards, reports, information and content, wasting time that means 77% of reps say they struggle to find the time in the day to complete everything – let alone understand how to prioritise who to reach out or how. (Source: SFDC)

Join Imogen McCourt, Ben Purton & Paul Butterfield for a round table conversation, and hear how she and your peer practitioners have simplified seller landscapes and persuaded their organizations or clients to Audit, Review, find feedback loops on what is working. Most importantly you will walk away with some strategies to STOP and RETIRE the tools, tactics and content that isn’t delivering results.